Fall in love with Lohja and Kettukallio

Music Video

This amazing music video has been done in Kettukallio last summer.
Thanks Graydance!

Finnish Midsummer at Kettukallio and Lohja area

We have had few Japanese media persons visiting us and we would like to give you chance to get familiar on our sight trough Japanese camera lens .

- 99 pages long article of Finland Midsummer 2019
- Video "Summer Solstice" (long version, about 10 minutes)
- Video "Summer Solstice" (short version, about 3 minutes)

This FAM-trip was organized by Caito -project.

One picture from Finland Midsummer 2019 -article. Taken from our smoke sauna and outside.

Finland, Naturally

The blog called "Finland, Naturally" is introducing Finnish nature and the way of living.

There are few great writings of Lohja Area too. We are glad locating in the middle of such of great environment and rich nature.

Click and enjoy!

- The grotto of Torhola and Cape of Karkali (about 20 minutes drive from Kettukallio)
- Karnaistenkorpi (about 20 minutes drive from Kettukallio)

- Ice swimming (can be done also in Kettukallio at winter time)